Georgia Speeding Tickets

An experienced Georgia traffic ticket attorney can assist you with your tickets for speeding.

Do not pay your ticket. You need a Georgia traffic lawyer/attorney. Not all lawyers/ attorneys in Georgia (GA) handle traffic tickets. Let us beat or fight your speeding/traffic ticket by negotiating it to a no point violation. It will not be sent in to the State of Georgia (GA) and not your home state.

Being issued a speeding/traffic ticket can cost you to pay in more ways than you realize. Fines, increase insurance premiums, court costs, the costs and expenses of appearing, and possibility a State Super Speeder penalty are all circumstances we can assist you in avoiding. Courts set fines, but we can help you beat, or fight the other ramifications and not effect or suspend your license or increase your insurance premium cost. We fight (beat) your traffic/ speeding tickets by negotiating it down to a no point violation.

If we fight and negotiate your speeding tickets to a “no point violation” then your cost goes down. There will be no Super Speeder penalty, no effect to your license, no reporting to your home state, no court appearance and no increase in insurance premiums! Let us fight your Georgia speeding ticket!


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