Georgia Speeding FAQs

Q. What are the costs of a speeding ticket in Georgia?

A. A Georgia speeding ticket can cost you more than you think. There is the possibility of fines, court costs, expenses of appearing, loss of work time, increased insurance premiums, and an additional Super Speeder penalty.

Q. What is the Super Speeder penalty in Georgia?

A. Under O.C.G.A. 40-6-189, being convicted of speeding 85 mph on a four lane and 75 mph on a two lane is a “Super Speeder”. The State of Georgia, not the local Court, will assess you an additional $200 penalty. If this penalty is not paid within 90 days, your drivers license for Georgia residents or driving privileges if from another state will be suspended.

Q. Why is negotiating a no point violation so important in Georgia?

A. Speeding of 14 mph or less should not be reported to the State of Georgia under O.C.G.A. 40-5-53(b). If your speeding ticket is reduced to a “no point violation”, it is not reported to the State of Georgia and therefore, not to your home state. If your Georgia speeding ticket is not reported then your license and insurance premiums are not affected. Retain a Georgia (GA) traffic attorney today to assist you in fighting your tickets for speeding.


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